Orange County Glass Repair and Graffiti Removal

Orange County Glass repair

Graffiti in Anaheim is a costly blight that impacts society on many levels. The cost of graffiti removal in the entire U.S. was estimated at $25 billion per year in 2008. This number does not include the damage which is done to private businesses which can carry an additional huge expense.

Unfortunately for Orange County business owners, graffiti on glass is on the rise, sometimes it is even scratched in the glass by use of rock, broken glass or even acid. The high price of replacement glass which can also be time consuming and costly, business owners can quickly become frustrated.

With our groundbreaking technology, your damaged windows can be restored without replacement. We offer professional restoration services in Orange County to remove scratches or other damage from glass surfaces.

Our Orange County Glass Services

If you are looking for an Aliso Viejo glass repair and graffiti removal specialist then please call 714-788-0707 or complete our online request form.

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