We Repair For A Fraction Of The Cost Of Replacing

Many Orange County businesses are victims of being tagged with graffiti. The Glass Fixer is your Orange County glass replacement alternative. We restore graffiti, scratched, or acid etched glass to a like new appearance, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over glass replacement costs. There is no waiting for special order storefront glass that can take weeks to arrive. Our technicians repair glass fast, without any interruption to your business. No need to move desks or displays. And all glass repairs are 100% Guaranteed! You will be 100% satisfied or you don't pay!

Protect Against Graffiti

Our Orange County anti-graffiti (AG) protective film will protect your commercial glass from future damage. The Glass Fixer is the only glass restoration company that guarantees it! If your storefront window gets hit with graffiti after installation, just call us to reapply new anti-graffiti film. If we find that your glass is scratched or acid etched we will remove the damage, scratches or etching from the glass at no charge. If the vandals break or damage your glass in a non-repairable way, we will re-apply Anti-Graffiti Film to your new glass at no charge.

The Glass Fixer Standard:

A quality glass repair in Orange County is one that can not be seen. You may have noticed a glass repair or two, and if you did, we are sure you were not impressed. What you saw was a poor attempt at a repair. This is becoming a more common occurrence as the glass repair industry matures and companies spring up claiming to restore glass. This is not the quality of repair that you would ever see from The Glass Fixer. If you can see a repair, it wasn't a repair by The Glass Fixer. This is why we confidently offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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If you are looking for an Aliso Viejo glass repair and graffiti removal specialist then please call 714-788-0707 or complete our online request form.

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