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The Glass Fixer, Inc. is your one stop glass shop. We handle all kinds of glass problems, including Glass Repair, Graffiti Removal, Scratched Glass, Acid Etchings, Glass Damage, and more.

Broken glass or mirror replacement

Broken glass is a hassle and a mess.  Glass always seems to break at the least convenient times, like nights or weekends. Whatever time it is, The Glass Fixer, Inc. is here for you.

Whether you have a cracked or shattered window, graffiti scratched or etched glass, in your home or business, we have a solution for you. Our quality, trained glaziers and technicians will get your glass fixed quickly and  professionally. MORE

Emergency Board-up, Glass Replacement or Commercial Door Service

With emergency service we can be there when you need us most.  We always have some glass in stock, so if we can, we will get your glass fixed up right away.  But many types and sizes of glass will require a special order.  When we can’t replace or repair broken glass right away, we will help you get quickly  boarded up, safe and secure.

Energy Saving Solar Film, Window Tint

Sometimes the location of a window can be a problem.  West facing windows can be a huge drain on your cooling budget.  If you don’t want to move or replace your windows with low-e or dual pane, solar window films may be the answer.  There are a variety of energy saving window tints to choose from that range from clear to black out.  We will help you choose the best window film option for the location and look you desire.

Peace of Mind and Convenience for Business Owners and Property Asset Managers

The Glass Fixer, Inc. is a complete, one-stop glass shop for business owners and property managers.  We can replace broken store front windows and restore to like new graffiti and scratched windows, apply protective and solar window films, install new store fronts, store front doors, door adjustments and service, and install mirrors.  The Glass Fixer, Inc. is also your reliable emergency service provider to help you deal with the dreaded late night broken window or door that won’t lock at closing.


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