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Commercial Board-Up Service In Orange County

Board Up Service

The Glass Fixer, Inc is the company in Orange County to call on for commercial board-up service. We take great pride in our work and are honored to be the team you call on for this type of emergency service.

Commercial board-up service is essential for protecting your business and the merchandise inside. It helps to work with a glass replacement professional to take care of this type of task because we understand the importance of still treating your glass like the delicate component that it is.

In some cases, you may be boarding up as a preventative tactic, an attempt to avoid damage from a storm, for instance. Most of the time, boarding up windows is in response to damage that's already happened. It's an excellent way to protect against further damage or injury while waiting for glass replacement.

Reasons for Board-Up Service

Some examples of common reasons that businesses request commercial board-up services include but are not limited to:

  • If you own commercial property that is vacant, it's a good idea to secure the windows. Empty buildings are easy targets for break-ins. Unfortunately, the window isn't the only thing usually damaged in this type of illegal entry; criminals usually vandalize other property once inside.
  • When a fire breaks out near your building, it can lead to damage to the exterior of your own building. This includes shattering glass as a result of exposure to intense heat. This is an especially important task to take care of during an event like a wildfire that can spread quickly.
  • Storms are another reason to use our board-up service. Either before a storm arrives or after it has moved through and caused damage, you'll need to cover the windows. If you weren't able to keep the windows from breaking, you'd need to cover them until they can be professionally replaced.
  • For the best in prompt and professional Orange County commercial board-up service, give our team a call.

What Our Service Entails

The Glass Fixer, Inc offers board-up service and storefront frame repair. We repair window leaks and can provide a quote from photos in most instances.

Once we have the preliminary estimate and it's been accepted, we'll do a site visit. The site inspection includes a building walk-through with an assessment of the roof, drainage, and any other factors contributing to water intrusion.

Our company's founder began his career in construction performing water damage restoration, which gives us a knowledgeable approach and competitive edge over other local companies offering the same service - our standards are higher, and our results are impeccable.

The Glass Fixer, Inc won't seal over the old sealant; instead, we'll remove what's in place, including the gaskets, if needed. We open the framing system, fix or seal problems with the water diversion system, then reset and re-secure the glass as needed. All surfaces will be properly cleaned and prepped for proper sealant adhesion. New replacement sealant is secured in place according to current building industry standards.

We have found that window leaks are either a flaw in the initial installation, deterioration caused by sun and time, or some change that has altered water flow through the framing system. When we perform the inspection, we will better understand the breadth of your needs. In the meantime, please review this quote to determine if this service aligns with your budgetary limitations.

Building Leaks & Waterproofing Related to Board-Up Service

Similar to window leaks, we offer service for water intrusion even when the windows aren't the point of entry. We'll be able to offer board-up service, or you can follow some steps to handle the process yourself if that's your preference.

Our services also include:

  • Which glass to choose
  • Why not plexiglass
  • Security glass options
  • Color matching

We'll even adjust the door glass because we don't skimp. We'll ensure that your property is free from leaks and water intrusion and ensure that the doors are properly locked and secured once you leave the premises.

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