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Your Local Glass Replacement Company in Garden Grove, CA

Garden Grove, CA

The Glass Fixer, Inc is your best local Garden Grove resource for replacement glass. We take this line of work seriously and that shows in the high-quality results we get for each of our customers.

When the damage is too severe to fix, we’re also Garden Grove's premier replacement glass specialists. We’ll measure and cut energy-efficient dual pane glass to fit your window frames perfectly.

Failed Insulated Glass Replacement Experts

As a premier service provider in Garden Grove for failed insulated glass replacement, we offer essential services such as:

  • Fogged Panes – This is the direct result of the seals on your insulated glass failing. Whether you opted for inferior windows or time has taken its toll, the end result will be fogged panes. The problem is that it means your windows aren't energy-efficient enough anymore. Plus, this condensation can lead to other issues, like rot.
  • Water Between Panes – When water forms between the dual pane glass on your windows, you're going to need to address the problem. Keep in mind, your windows expand and contract every single day. On older or lower grade windows, this takes a toll on the condition and compromises it. That makes it easier for moisture to penetrate the seal and form between your panes.
  • Broken Grids – Also referred to as the grille or muntins, your window grid can end up broken which looks bad and weakens your window. As soon as you notice you need repairs like this, it's important to take immediate action.

Don't settle for questionable work from another company. For superior work in the Garden Grove area, call us as your replacement glass company.

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