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Emergency Response teams In Orange County

Emergency Response Teams

Sometimes, what you really need for your Orange County facility is an emergency response team to take care of things like glass clean-up or emergency board service. The Glass Fixer, Inc is ready, willing, and beyond capable of taking care of this for you.

Glass Clean-Up

Broken glass should only be removed by trained professionals. Severe injuries can result from the improper handling of glass.

That's why we are here to take care of glass clean-up for your Orange County facility. Keep things safe and get the prompt and professional service you need from an emergency response team by giving us a call.

Emergency Board-Up

Our board-up techniques will not damage your window frame or structure. All emergency board-ups, and glass clean ups, are performed by trained professionals who are part of our emergency response teams.

Glass often gets broken at the most inconvenient times, and commercial, storefront glass, especially safety glass and large window panes, usually require a special order that will take days to replace. In the meantime, you need the broken glass safely cleaned up and your window opening boarded-up, so your business is safe and secure.

Door Service & Repairs

Jammed, inoperable, commercial door closers and door hinges, can leave you, or your employees, stranded at your business. The Glass Fixer, Inc is here to help you when the door won’t lock or close, anytime you need us.

Our glass replacement experts can help with things like jammed hydraulics, hinges that require adjusting, and broken glass. Call us today and let our emergency response teams in Orange County take care of your urgent service needs.

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