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Storefront Glass Systems In Orange County

Storefront Systems

The Glass Fixer, Inc offers optimal service for storefront glass systems in Orange County. If you own a business or commercial property in the Orange County area, you know that your storefront glass system is a huge part of presenting a professional and successful image to your customers. Whether you’re looking to create a beautiful and eye-grabbing storefront, or you’re interested in making your glass safer, our professionals can help.

At The Glass Fixer, Inc we understand the urgency of storefront glass replacement, and we prioritize providing fast and efficient services to our clients. In most cases, we can provide an estimate over the phone, as long as we have a few essential details such as the size and color of the glass. We work closely with commercial property managers, facility managers, and small business owners to address their needs and concerns in order of priority.

To make the process as easy as possible for our clients, we start with a quick phone or text estimate, where we gather necessary information such as pictures, measurements, and details about the glass, such as whether it's dual pane or single pane and if it's set in wood or metal. We also consider other unique aspects, like the presence of holes or window film. With this information, we can provide an estimate that is generally very close to the final cost.

Once you give us preliminary approval, we conduct a site visit to gather exact measurements for ordering your new glass. If any updates are needed to the quote, we will inform you and seek your approval before proceeding. Once approved, we collect your payment information and order the glass and materials. The factory will provide us with a delivery date, usually within two business days. We will keep you informed about the delivery date and schedule your preferred glass installation date.

At The Glass Fixer, Inc, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the professionalism of our team. We have a trained and knowledgeable staff that is experienced in dealing with clients and their unique needs. We address common client concerns by ensuring that we have all the proper insurance in place and accepting major credit cards for payment convenience. We care about our clients' problems and aim to provide the best solutions in a timely manner. Whether you require commercial storefront glass replacement or any other glass service, like door services, you can rely on The Glass Fixer, Inc for expert assistance and exceptional customer service.

Glass Entrance

Whether you need glass repairs for small scratches or cracks, or you need to have a full commercial glass replacement, we’ll be able to get the job done quickly and effectively. Plus, we’ll guarantee your satisfaction with all of our work.

We know how important your storefront glass system is to you, and we’ll work hard to keep it in excellent shape at all times. We’ll be able to safely remove your existing glass and install new glass quickly and efficiently. We work with only the highest quality materials and products available, and we’ll make sure that your glass is perfectly installed.

Gasket Repairs

Gasket repairs are also vital for making sure your glass system is working as it should be. The gaskets help with temperature control and keep out exterior pollutants. All of these components work together to create the perfect storefront for your business. Call us for high-quality storefront glass systems in Orange County.

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