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The Glass Fixer, Inc: Huntington Beach's Premier Glass Replacement Company

Huntington Beach, CA

For optimal results from a Huntington Beach glass replacement company, contact The Glass Fixer, Inc. We offer the finest results because we genuinely care about the satisfaction of our customers.

Be it your Huntington Beach home, business, or facility, we will provide you with the work you need to be completed. We are the glass replacement specialists to contact for your windows, doors, or glass handrails.

Huntington Beach Glass Replacement Pros

As the premier choice for Huntington Beach glass replacement, you should have an idea of exactly what we offer. While we do offer this service to commercial customers and facilities when it comes to residential clients we provide:

  • Safety Glass – Safety glass can make a huge difference in the aftermath of what happens once a pane of glass breaks. This type of glass crumbles into smaller pieces instead of breaking into large dangerous shards of glass.
  • Dual Pane Glass – Replacing the once commonly used single pane window, dual pane glass offers more energy-efficiency. You'll notice a big difference in the temperature consistency and the cost of heating your home.
  • French Door Glass – If you have French doors you need an expert to rely on should the need for replacement glass arise. There may be inside your house or connecting you the backyard.
  • Sliding Door Glass / Patio Doors – Another type of door system used for gaining access to your great outdoors is a sliding glass door or patio door.
  • Specialty Glass – We offer a wide assortment of specialty glass work, as well.

When it comes to getting professional service in Huntington Beach from a glass replacement company, give us a call.

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