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Fast Storefront Door Glass Replacement in Orange, CA. Same-Day glass door for a storefront, replaced on the same day, in just two hours!

Fast Storefront Door Glass Replacement in Orange, CA. Same-Day glass door for a storefront,  replaced on the same day, in just two hours!

We can't always react to a call and have the new glass installed in just two hours, but we are so happy when we can install same day glass doors so quickly and help our clients get back to business fast.

We were contacted at 9 am on a Friday about a store that had a break-in with a broken storefront door glass. We installed the new glass and drove away from this store in Orange, CA, at 11:15 am.

We keep glass door replacements in stock so that we can respond as quickly as possible with new door glass, which is installed the same day. Usually, tempered safety glass must be ordered from the factory, which cuts the glass, tempers it in a kiln, and then delivers it to us. We typically have the glass installed in the next business day or two. But for standard, framed, storefront door glass, we have a large selection of new door glass on hand for same-day glass door installation. We have tempered and laminated safety glass, already cut to size and ready to go.

Clear glass is our most common color for same-day door glass, but we also keep some bronze door glass on hand. We offer this service for storefront doors with standard commercial frames of various sizes.

When a client reaches out for service, it helps if we know the color of the glass and the width and height of the opening of the glass. We will also need to know if your door glass needs a mailslot. The door mailslot is not something we can add later.

If your door glass is dual pane or a color other than bronze or clear, we can order your glass and usually install the new door glass within a couple of days, three or more days for dual pane door glass. We will try for the next day whenever possible because we know that your image is important to your business.

Our Same Day Door Glass service includes adjustments to your door operation. Whenever glass is removed and reinstalled in a door, it can cause the door not to align correctly. Our technicians are trained in storefront door repairs. Included in the price of a new Same Day Door Glass installation is adjusting your door to ensure it opens, closes, and locks properly and easily. We want to ensure that locking up for the night and going home is not a problem after a long day.

Other services we offer include door closers, pivots, and hinges. All Glass Fixer technicians arrive stocked with most components to repair your door so we can make other repairs and get your door in tip-top shape before leaving.

Budget: 598.00

Location: Orange County, CA

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Products Used

    Clear, tempered safety glass
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